Here’s a selection of my freelance work from BK Reader, Bushwick Daily and UP Magazine, covering everything from the local arts scene to school reopenings. I’ve also included work from my internship at VICE News, the Jerusalem Post and a few stories from my time at Washington Square News, NYU’s independent newspaper.

BK Reader

Coming Soon to Bushwick: The Love Gallery and Paperboy Prince

Here’s What Happens at the Nightly Anti-Racist Gathering in McCarren Park

How Does BK Feel About Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation?

What do we Know About the City’s School Reopening Plan?

Bushwick Daily

The Free Store: Coming Soon to Bushwick

Two Iconic Bushwick Photographers Chronicle Neighborhood’s History


Yes, Harvey Weinstein is still going to trial for sexual assault

The government shutdown happened. Here’s what it means.

Florida is suing CVS and Walgreens for allegedly adding to the opioid crisis

UP Magazine (quarterly print magazine)

The CAN(vas) Art Drop Gives Recycling Clout

Artists FoodBabySoul and Sizani Baloyi Promote DIY Street Cleaning Through New Program

Washington Square News

Tisch Students Encounter Racial Insensitivity in Drama Program

A Q&A with Mayor Potential and NYU Alum Sal Albanese

NYU Tax Return Breakdown

Jerusalem Post

Jerusalemite Shayna Hulkower hosts a different kind of parlor meeting.

Same love – different laws